Self-Care: You're Worth it!

Gain knowledge about self-care and wellness. Feel more energized & joyful.

Yes!! I am in need of Self-Care!

**Only $25 per webinar session!** (Attend live OR receive the recording.)

Calling all Teachers, Mothers, Mental Health Professionals, Medical Professionals and First Responders!

In this weekly webinar, we hope to help you gain more knowledge about self-care and wellness, awareness of your own barriers and how to overcome them.

You will learn how YOU can more practically and intentionally implement self-care into YOUR life so that you can feel more energized, joyful, mindful and less overwhelmed, burned out and hopeless.

During each webinar, you will address the following:

  • What self-care is and why it is important
  • Exploration of views about what self-care
  • What are barriers to self-care for each participant
  • Practical strategies and ways to practice self-care

You will learn how to better balance all the multiple responsibilities and roles you have on a daily basis while also maintaining a healthy balance of holistic self-care and wellness for themselves.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, 9/18: Self-Care for Teachers (Recording Available!)
  • Saturday, 10/3 at 10:00am: Self-Care for Moms (Recording Available!)
  • Saturday, 10/17 at 10:00am: Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals - Social Workers, Therapists, Case Managers, etc. (Recording Available!)
  • Saturday, 10/24 at 10:00am: Self-Care for Medical Professionals and First Responders

Time: 10am - 11am (See dates above)

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot attend any one of the above webinars due to a schedule conflict, you can still purchase access to the recording from the live webinar. We can send you a link to the recorded session to access at your convenience. Simply specify the date of interest on the checkout page and we'll make sure you receive the recorded session!

Each webinar will be specifically tailored for teachers, moms, mental health professionals and first responders.

If you feel overwhelmed with all of your day-to-day responsibilities and NEED a change, then this group is for you!

Self-Care is vital in order to support your mental health!

The Healthy Minds Therapy Self Care You're Worth It Webinar will be facilitated by Mary Jackson, Supervisee in Clinical Social Work.

Mary Jackson, a Self-Care and Wellness Champion, has more than 15 years of service in the mental health field! In addition to her training in Social Work, she has also studied Psychology, Sociology, and Education.

Mary has extensive training and experience serving a variety of populations from youth to older adults and specializes in serving clients with trauma. Other areas Mary specializes in include working with adolescents, parent coaching and skill building, working through life transitions, and self-care and wellness. Mary has a strong passion for helping others understand and embrace themselves and heal and recover from life’s wounds and challenges while moving toward joy and peace. To learn more about Mary, visit HERE.

Do you ever say, " I want and need help?"

Do you often wonder "How do I take care of me while taking care of so many others?"

Do you often feel burned out and tired?!

If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, then this Self-Care Webinar is just for YOU!

Cost to join is only $25 for each webinar!

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